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Design & material

Glerups shoes, slippers and boots are known for their exceptional comfort. This is due to the foot-shaped and unique design combined with the softness and warmth of the wool.

The classic grey felt boot has been manufactured since the company's founding, and has formed the basis for development of new product designs for our collection.

The designs are also based on a long tradition of hand felting, which we have transformed into innovative products of highest quality. The craft has been translated into's industrial production where parts of the production are still done manually, since they require a special skill to accomplish. A manual dexterity which cannot be replaced by machines.

Simplicity and optimal use of the attributes of the natural material are the basic elements when developing the product range. Through these we aim for the optimum mix of functionality, beauty and durability. The result can be described in three words:

Beautiful - Natural - Warm

Glerup is a family name, and the founder has put her name on the products in order to signal that we vouch for them.

We aspire to the highest quality, and therefore we demand a strict quality control in the production. Our skilled staff work conscientiously and are conscious of the company’s and the customers’ quality requirements.

If the products do not meet the expected standard, it is our hope that you will contact us.