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Manufacturing with care

We use 100% pure and natural wool for all of our slippers. The slippers have either a sole of semi-vegetable tanned calfskin or natural rubber (except for the baby shoes, which have no outer sole).

The wool is naturally processed and the product is closely followed all the way from sheep to your foot. The wool is washed in soft water and then carded. The carded wool is made into socks and felted by using steam. Finally, the soles are glued and sewn onto the socks, before the final finish makes the slippers ready for shipment.

It has always been a clear objective to produce all our products with care for human and environment. Therefore, we clean (the extent possible) the wool mechanically to avoid all unnecessary chemicals, and we use only colours that are free of heavy metals and toxic azo-dyes. We also offer single uncoloured products in natural brown and off white.

We use semi-vegetable tanned leather, while using chrome-tanned leather for many of the other models. We buy the skins from a European tannery, which meets the strict environmental requirements of the EU. The skins is tanned using the most modern and environmentally friendly methods, and the skins are free of PCP, AZO dyes and Chromium-VI.

The characteristics of wool are unique
The unique composition and processing of the wool makes the slippers warm and comfortable, even if you wear them barefoot.

The wool is breathable and can capture up to 35% moisture making the slippers feeling dry and warm always. The combination of good wear resistance and high moisture absorption cannot be surpassed by any other material.

The shoes may "shed"
Because of the natural treatment of the wool, you may still find traces of small vegetable fibers in the felt. Furthermore the coarsest wool fibers may work itself out of the felt, and therefore the slippers "shed" in the first days of use. This is natural, and the fibers just need to be plucked off.