Vision and Mission

Our vision is to manufacture the best shoes of felt in the world. This must be done with consideration for both man and nature, so our customers can buy products without remorse.


Our mission reflects's spirit, and our products, work environment and surroundings reflect this.

The products
We are using natural raw materials, 100% new wool for the socks and soft calf skin or natural rubber for the soles. We have minimized the use of material and contrived details to create the unique and simple design of Glerups. The result is a slipper of high quality, which gives the users a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The occupational of safety and health (OSH)
The well-being of the employees is of great importance for the company. Therefore an intermediate goal is to maintain the good OSH with proper balance between responsibility and trust.

The surroundings
It has always been a clear objective to produce all our products with respect for human and environment. We are continuously improving our value chain from raw material to end user. For example, we clean (the extent possible) the wool mechanically to avoid all unnecessary chemicals, and we only use leather tanneries inside the EU, which use the most modern and environmentally friendly methods.

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