Summer Cozy

This summer we celebrate the beautiful and breathtaking Nordic nature where we live. Connecting with our Cold Hawai-community in Northern Jutland, we went to the Danish west coast Thy, the epicenter for wind energy, and had a photoshot among silent dunes, tangled forests, meadows, marshes, lakes, and near-mythic gales.

What is summer?
For us, it is; the sea, dunes, the sun shining over endless fields of plains, lots of strawberries, fresh greens and ice cream. But most important the time we spend together with our loved ones invites closeness, connection, and warmth in.

The campaign was shot in a Scandinavian summer house – located just a few meters from the ocean.


Wool 365 days a year

In nature, the sheep regulate their temperature after the weather. Just like the sheep, glerups work beautifully with any season - no matter the weather. Carefully crafted in 100% pure, natural wool, the slippers simply outperform synthetic fibers due to the fact that wools natural ability to adapt to the body’s temperature in all weather conditions. The slippers make your feet stay comfortable during summer and winter, and boost your overall well-being, indoor and outdoor.


Shop your style

Our slippers deliver comfort and support every step you take. Our classic leather sole is a winner for indoor coziness, whereas our natural rubber sole version offers a non-slip grip to keep your feet happy both indoor and during outdoor errands and adventures.

As always, we offer our slip-on, shoe, and boot in a variety of colors.

Tree Slip On
B 02 The Slip On Glerups Leather Charcoal 1

Holding Denim
AR 10 The Shoe Glerups Rubbersole Black Denim 1

Denim Slip On Stairs
B 10 The Slip On Glerups Honey Denim 1

Grey Black Sole Gravel
AR 01 The Shoe Glerups Rubbersole Black Grey 1

Grey Leather Table
B 01 The Slip On Glerups Leather Grey 1

Boot Shoe Beach
AR 02 The Shoe Glerups Rubbersole Black Charcoal 1

Shoe Leather Stairs
A 09 The Shoe Glerups Leather Forest 1

Char Slippers Chair
B 02 The Slip On Glerups Honey Charcoal 1