walk on wool

with our innersoles

Natural news

Create the glerups feeling and comfort when wearing your boots, sneakers and shoes with our innersoles that are made of 100% pure, natural wool and coconut fibre. A perfect combination of natural materials and beautiful addition to our movement "Step into Natural".

100% pure, natural wool and 100% itch-free

Self cleaning and temperature regulating


Adjusts to your feet after a few weeks of wearing


Natural coconut fibre

Absorbs moisture

Step into natural

Our wool

Our wool mix is unique. Only we know the recipe and we never compromise on the quality. Our wool mix is itch-free and soft.

Our coconut fibre

The coconut fibres are a waste product from the food industry. The fibres dry in the sun and due to the simple handling process has low Co2 footprint.

Our partners

We aspire to the highest quality. Our partners are conscious of ours and the customers’ quality requirements. We always follow our materials from farm to foot as we have close relations and frequently visit our partners.

Part of our Project Zero Waste philosophy

Step into a Danish tradition where all our products are designed and produced with respect for nature, human and animal. The innersoles are part of our Project Zero Waste philosophy where we upcycle leftover wool and coconut fiber to act on our goal to reduce waste, care for the environment and create natural and cool products.

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