We greatly appreciate the reviews from glerups fans, from all over the world. Here is a selection of what our customers say about glerups.

As a doctor

“...of physical therapy and prosthetic user, footwear is very important to me. I look for shoes that fit comfortably and securely on my prosthetic foot and also are comfortable for my sound foot. 

I appreciate that glerups are not only cozy and comfortable but also stylish and I enjoy using them as both
an indoor and outdoor shoe with the rubber sole and I love the compliments that I get." 

- Dr. Meg Fisher -

"Just had to send my thanks for my new leather soled shoe in petrol. I first saw them online three years ago before we started building our house, and now have treated myself to a pair as we moved in. I
just Love them! It's like walking on a cloud! They are so warm, but don't make my feet sweat, and are just perfect on our floor tiles for dancing!"

- Helinda F, USA -

"The best well made wool slippers for life!! Excellent. I wear them gardening and all around the house... I love the feel, quality and warmth the give on my feet. Everyone compliments me when they see them on my feet. They will last a very very long time.
I just love them."

- Mel L, USA -

"My son gave me a pair of glerups slippers (low back, leather sole) for Christmas. I had never heard of them and had never tried them.  Now with each birthday in the house, I am buying glerups for the birthday boy or girl; 3 of us now have them and by next November the other two will have them as well. Awesome slippers! Thanks very much "

 - Michael, Canada -

"Had them for a month now, this is the best, simplest, most thoughtfully designed slipper I've ever had. The choice of materials and the construction are superb - wool is warm and cosy yet breathable (in this warm weather I can still wear them without feeling sweaty)."

- Alex L, USA -

"Extremely happy with my new glerups boots. I live in an old stone house with cold floors and often have to nip outside to get wood for the stove. I'm also very sensitive to irritation from some wool fibres. My glerups are warm (even with bare feet, which I didn't believe at first), very comfortable and 'foot shaped'. They are a pleasure waiting for me every day when I get home from work!"

- Margie S, USA -

"They are like a big hug for my feet. It's the first thing I do then I get home every day – switch from my work shoes to my "at home" shoes, aaaaahhhh. Hubby and I both love our glerups!"

- Denise, USA -