our responsibility

It is important for us to think about our surroundings and the responsibility we have when we produce glerups slippers.
Everything we do is done with respect and care for people, animals and nature.
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respect for animal

Every sheep is treated with respect. They live and graze in free and natural surroundings.

respect for people

Our relationships worldwide are treated loyally. There are safe and secure conditions. And a healthy culture. We respect each other.

respect for nature

Nature is treated with consideration. We work dedicatedly to create the right balance between the animals, the earth and the climate. In 2021, we planted new trees in a protected forest area of 17.5 hectares. An initiative which is now part of a 200-year-old Danish tradition of nature protection.

"We have chosen to work with ZQ, as we can follow the wool from farm to foot - and the wool from New Zealand works really well
in our wool mix and gives the comfort and durability that we want. Our customers demand
the best every single day, and we want to give them that.”

- Jesper Glerup

Passion is the keyword

– and we are passionate about our sheep and the Gotland wool we produce. We cherish the longterm partnership with glerups. Did you know that Ove Glerup was one of the founders of the Danish Gotland Sheep Society and his nickname was the “Gotfather" ;-)

- Jens from Farm Funda

Meet Todd Bolton from New Zealand

"A guardian of the land"

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