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About glerups

glerups is a Danish brand, established in 1993. However, the philosophy and DNA of glerups started in the 70s, when Nanny & Ove Glerup fell in love with self-sufficiency and wool from Gotland sheep.

On a local felting course, Nanny made a pair of boots for Ove. The boots were for indoor use, but one day Nanny discovered that Ove was wearing the boots when they were out shopping - and that made her think of cozy and comfy slippers for indoor and light outdoor use.

Where it all started as a hobby, it quickly turned into a small production with two pairs of glerups a day. Today, glerups is a global company that sells quality woolen shoes to loyal customers worldwide over. All models are made of 100% natural wool, and we never compromise on our DNA, quality and service.

glerups Inc., our USA office and warehouse, is located in New Hampshire and our USA team works hard and is dedicated to give all USA customers the best glerups service.

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  • Designed in Denmark, produced in glerups' own factory in Romania – always produced with respect for human, animal and nature

  • Original quality since 1993

  • 30 years since the first pair