Relax & Recover

With respect for human, animal and nature

The glerups headquarter is situated in the Northern part of Denmark – on the country side with fields, trees and fresh air. The headquarter is the home of the glerup family – and as glerups has grown throughout the years, it has been a part of the journey to re-build, redecorate and expand the office facilities. Actually today, the new warehouse building is on the field, where Nanny used to have her own Gotland sheep. We treasure the lovely surroundings of our headquarter, and find inspiration and energy in the fresh and natural environment.

From Farm to Foot

glerups started with wool from the family’s own Gotland sheep. But at glerups, we never stand still! Over the years glerups perfected the wool mix by blending Gotland wool with soft quality wool from New Zealand
farmers. These farmers meet our high standards for consistent quality and humane animal welfare. 

We work with our farmers every step of the way and follow each pair of glerups from the sheep to your feet. 

Leather labels are made of left over leatherpieces

With values of quality craftsmanship and deep respect for human, nature, and animal, the vision is to work in line with these values from farm to foot. This means, we continuously work towards optimizing production and inventing the right technology to limit all waste. For instance, our leather labels are made of left over leatherpieces and we love the idea of reducing waste and especially when it also is a elegant design upgrade.

Upcycling leftover wool into Christmas ornaments

This holiday season, we have teamed up with Lübech Living, who has designed a Christmas decoration collection, handmade from leftover materials from the glerups production.

Join us for a cozy and meaningful Christmas season.


The old hen house and wire from the old sheepfold on the glerups Farm is back in action as furniture here in our showroom. This is how we at glerups have always used what we have at hand, and prefer that things are recycled rather than thrown away. Our logo signs and POS material are handmade here at the Farm.

Our colors

Our color range is made of beautiful Scandinavian and natural colors. We develop new ones when it makes sense and the time is right. That way, you can buy your favorite glerups color for many years - and there is always room for adding more colors to your selection of glerups.