Project Zero Waste

Our values are centered around performing quality craftsmanship with deep respect for human, nature, and animal.
This is consistent from farm to foot.

We upcycle leftover wool
and leather

We upcycle leftover wool and leather in new production of glerups, give-aways, POS material, and partnerships. For example, together with Lübech Living , we have created fine interior elements for the home. And with Mæglerhuset we made, Quietzy, a wool felted Yatzy set. All projects have had strategic purposes for both parties, as we come together and act on our goal to reduce waste and care for the environment.

Because it makes sense

Fundamentally, we work towards optimizing production and investing in the proper state-of-the-art technology to reduce as much waste as possible. And if we simultaneously can create elegant designs in other shapes than shoes, it makes even more sense.

"We work purposefully to use all bits and pieces from our carefully selected production materials.
This has also always been Ove and Nanny's philosophy and is now deeply integrated into our DNA. Our entire value chain is built with respect for people, animal and nature. We are constantly working to streamline and upgrade our production and products – the journey never stops, and we never compromise with our DNA.”

– Allan Timm, glerups


The old hen house and wire from the old sheepfold on the glerups Farm is back in action as furniture here in our showroom. This is how we at glerups have always used what we have at hand, and prefer that things are recycled rather than thrown away. Our logo signs and POS material are handmade here at the Farm.

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