Our Design

glerups shoes, slippers and boots are known for their exceptional comfort. This is due to the foot-shaped and unique design combined with the softness and warmth of the wool. The classic grey felt boot has been manufactured  since the company’s founding, and has formed the basis for development of new product designs for our collection.

The designs are also based on a long tradition of hand felting, which we have transformed into innovative products of highest quality. The craft has been translated into glerups’s industrial production where parts of the production are still done manually, since they require a special skill to accomplish. A manual dexterity which cannot be replaced by machines.

The wool is washed in soft water, then carded and felted. The felt is formed into socks, which are steam-felted for a perfect fit before soft calfskin soles are glued, then sewn on, for long lasting durability. 

Our soles meet the strict environmental requirements of the EU. The rubber soles are designed and constructed with a special pattern that provides a better grip on different surfaces.

Our color range is made of beautiful Scandinavian and natural colors. We develop new ones when it makes sense and the time is right. That way, you can buy your favorite glerups color for many years - and there is always room for adding more colors to your selection of glerups.

Watch the video on how a pair of glerups are produced

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