Since glerups was founded in 1993, respecting the world we live in, has always been a core part of our DNA.
By caring for our resources and focusing on best care practices for the next generation, glerups continues to strive to find new ways to: reduce, reuse and recycle. Because what better way can we honor our earth than ensure respect to nature, human and animals every step of the way.


With values of quality craftsmanship and deep respect for human, nature and animal – our vision is to work in line with these values from farm to foot. 
This means, we continuously work towards optimizing production and inventing the right technology to limit waste. 

For instance, our leather labels are made of leftover leather pieces from our production showcasing an elegant design upgrade while reducing waste.

Our Earth day products

Respect for nature

"When you are lucky to live somewhere like here, you don’t want to overcome nature, you just want to be able to work with it.”

Kate Cocks, Mt Nicholas Station - Queenstown, New Zealand

Our new forest

The glerups headquarter is situated in the Northern part of Denmark – in the country side with fields, trees and fresh air. We treasure the lovely surroundings of our headquarter, and find inspiration and energy in the fresh and natural environment that surrounds us.

We planted 17,5 hectares of new trees. The area is protected forest and now a part of the 200 year old “protected forest” tradition in Denmark

One of our farmers

“We need to teach the next generation how lucky they are to farm the land, and set them up in a better space, than what we took it on as.”

Grant Barbara, Glenbourne Farming Ltd.