It’s all about giving more than you take

Regenerative agriculture is about creating a better, kinder, more positive future for the planet.
Our wool partner ZQ in New Zealand are way ahead and have taken action with our farmers.


The more nutritious the soil where the sheep graze, the higher the quality of the wool. Our collaboration with ZQ and their regenerative agricultural initiative aims to rebuild land its fertility and biodiversity by using cultivation methods that support the natural biological spoon processor.



Back in the day, wool was wool. Once harvested, the bales left the farm, the final destination unknown. Frustrated with the commoditisation of wool and lack of identity - ZQ was born. Formed to differentiate and innovate, ZQ partners with the best growers and international brands, who share the same values when it comes to the land, the people and animals. ZQ stands for quality, sustainability and connection, from the grower through to the consumer.

"We have chosen to work with ZQ, as we can follow the wool from farm to foot - and the wool from New Zealand works really well
in our wool mix and gives the comfort and durability that we want. Our customers demand
the best every single day, and we want to give them that.”

- Jesper Glerup

“We need to teach the next generation how lucky they are to farm the land and set them up in a better space than what we took it on as.”

- Grant Barbara, Glenbourne Farming Ltd. New Zealand

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