- Laces made from organic cotton.

Leather upper

- High quality leather that is free of chrome and nickel
- Tanned without chemicals
- Double stitching

Wool upper

- 100% pure, natural wool both inside and out for optimal comfort
- Mulesing-free
- Soft and scratch-free wool
- Seamless stitching on the inside
- Wool is breathable and has a natural ability to keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat - 365 days a year

More than 30 years of product development and brand DNA where we never compromise on quality.

The heel

Four-layer heel cup that offers stability and comfort

- 100% pure, natural wool
- Chrome-free calfskin
- Leather fibres from Project Zero Waste moulded into a strong leather heel cup for stability and fit
- High-quality strong leather to protect the heel
- High-quality strong leather

The insole

- 100% pure, natural wool - our special wool blend - and coconut fibre
- Soft, durable and scratch-free.
- Recycled wool from our production (Project Zero Waste)
- Natural coconut fibre - residual product from the food industry
- Moulds and adapts to the shape of your foot during use
- For optimal comfort, we recommend using Langdal without socks
- Absorbs moisture, self-cleaning and temperature regulating

Binding sole

- Natural coconut fibres - residual product from the food industry.
- The coconut fibres dry in the sun and due to the simple handling process it has a low carbon footprint
- Effective material to support the upper and offers good breathability for the foot.

The outsole

- New design and 2-piece construction
- The pattern is designed to follow the natural movement of the foot
- Inspired by our classic slippers with natural rubber sole
- Strong and flexible natural rubber sole
- Available in different colour variations to match the design and our outfit for the day